Research Fields

Our faculty are involved in the following research fields.


Digital Architecture/Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD)

Theory, Performance based design, Computer based design methods, design representation, Visualization and Modeling Tools

Design Research and Design Theory

Artificial Intelligence in Design; Computational models of Design; Digital Design; Creativity and Innovation;  Design Emergence; Virtual Design; Information Systems

Sustainable Architectural Design

Sustainable Codes In Architecture, Lighting and Daylighting in Architecture, performance simulation and optimization, uriRegeneration, Reuse and Recycling Of Buildings, Intelligent Buildings, Visual and Spatial Analysis

Intelligent Buildings

Computer Aided Architectural Fabrication

Urban Design

Theory, Urban Renewal, Housing Theory and Practice, Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern Urbanism, Compact Urban Formations

Architectural Philosophy

Theory, Phenomenology of Architecture

Architectural Education

Design with Communities

Public Space Interventions, Event Architecture


Art and architecture, Art theory, Art Installations, Cinema and Architecture

Architecture Theory and Criticism

Deployable Structures, Spatial Structures and Shells

Structural Morphology

Design Research, Design Theory, Design Studies

Artificial Intelligence in Design; Computational models of Design; Digital Design; Creativity and Innovation; Design Emergence; Virtual Design; Information Systems

History, Theory and Criticism

Twentieth Century And Contemporary Architecture, Post-W.W.II Architectural Culture, Cultural Heritage, the Theory and Politics of Historical Preservation, Architectural Historiography

Biomimcry in Architecture



Urban and Regional Planning

Housing and Urban Regeneration

Housing Policy and Planning

Urban Renewal and Neighborhood Regeneration

Social and Cultural Aspects of Planning

Planning for Promoting Social Goals

Community development and social capital

Human Behavior in the Built and Natural Environment

Planning for Minorities and Specific Population Groups

Public Participation in Planning

Sustainable Development, Space, Society and Culture

surveillance of Public Space

Spatial Development and Planning

Land Use Planning, Modeling and Policy

Urban Spatial Dynamics

Metropolitan, Regional & Cross Border Planning

Economic Aspects of Planning

High Technologies, Technology Transfer and Spatial Development


Infrastructure Planning and Policy

Environment and Planning

Environmental Policy and Planning

Sustainable use and management of natural resources

Landscape Ecology


Industrial Design

Design and Human Factors In Healthcare

Personalized Design, Design For All (Inclusive Design)

Human Factors and Design In Extreme Environments

Evidence Based Design (EBD) Methodologies

Computer Aided Architectural Fabrication

Interactive Design & Responsive Environments

Sustainable materials


Landscape Architecture

History, Theory and Criticism Of Landscape Architecture In Israel

Cultural Landscapes

Sacred and Symbolic Landscapes: Natural, Cultural And Visual Components