Center for Urban And Regional Studies (CURS)

The Center for Urban and Regional Studies, the first of its kind in Israel, was established by the late Prof. Moshe Hill, in 1969. Since 1989, the Center has been generously supported by the Phillip and Ethel Klatznik family. It is located in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning and is closely linked to the Urban and Regional Planning track in the faculty. The Center collaborates with other research institutes at the Technion and with research colleagues at the Technion and in Israel, as a whole.

The Center’s mission is to promote knowledge, which relates to understanding processes of urban and regional development and functioning, and to assist in determining development policy at the national, regional and local levels. The guiding principles of the researchers’ work are research excellence at an international level, on the one hand, and contribution to the quality of life of the residents of the State of Israel, on the other.

The Center’s active researchers deal with the following topics: Land use planning, social planning, economic planning, psychological aspects of human-environmental relations, legal aspects of planning, environmental aspects of planning, housing, transportation, urban rehabilitation, regional development, real estate development, planning and natural resources (water, energy), planning and landscape design, advanced computerized methods in planning, public participation in planning, conflict mitigation in urban development processes and planning for specific populations – Arabs, the elderly, and children.

The Center’s research is funded by international and national foundations and bodies, by most Israeli government ministries, and by local authorities and other public bodies in Israel. The knowledge gathered through the research is disseminated to decision-makers, planners, and fellow researchers through a variety of means: primarily through self-publishing, in which books, reports and position papers are published (in Hebrew and English), and through seminars and public symposiums. The researchers frequently participate in international and Israeli scientific and professional conferences, and often serve on public, national and local committees.

Areas of research and publication

  • Planning and programs at the national, regional and local levels
  • Housing, construction and urban renewal
  • Land policy and real estate development
  • Economic development and spatial dynamics
  • Land use and transportation
  • Natural resources, environment and landscape
  • Social and psychological aspects of planning
  • Planning in the Arab sector

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