Dr. Agathe Colleony

Agathe Colleony
Post Doc
I have a Ph.D. in Conservation Studies from the Museum of Natural History in Paris, France. I am currently working with Prof. Assaf Shwartz on several projects pertaining to human-nature relationships. We seek to document the progressive disconnection of people from nature, its causes and consequences in terms of human health and well-being, as well as willingness to protect the environment. We employ mostly quantitative research methods, with questionnaire surveys and behavioral experiments. A better understanding of the elements of nature that contribute to human well-being, and the strategies to promote interactions with nature, can benefit urban landscape planning by providing specific guidelines for building greener, more sustainable cities. My academic background is in ecology, with a BSc in Ecology, a MSc in Ethology, and an MSc in Conservation Biology. In my PhD dissertation, I investigated the role of zoos in reconnecting people with nature and conservation issues, with an interdisciplinary approach, integrating theories and methods from the fields of ecology and social sciences.