Photography Lab

The photo lab is managed by photographer Haim Singer, with the help of students who have been specially trained for laboratory work.

The goal is to instruct and educate the students on the medium of photography both technically and artistically, as well as to assist the academic staff with all photography-related work involved in their lectures and research.

The photo lab contains the following:

  • Digital studio – with facilities for photographing models, 3D design and 2D works.
  • There is also an external studio in the entrance to the lab for independent, uninterrupted work.
  • Computer scanning station – for the professional scanning of slides and negatives and for image processing using Photoshop software.
  • The Epson 4800 color copier is used for 40 cm wide quality prints.
  • Video editing room – Video editing room, using the Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop software.


The gallery was founded by Drora Spitz, who ran the photo lab between 1978 and 2004.

It was established with the intention of allowing exposure to outstanding students.

Twice a year, a photo competition is held as part of the lab’s gallery. The selected works are presented in an exhibition, and the students with the outstanding photos are awarded prizes.

Students who choose to express themselves artistically through photography can use other subjects of the curriculum, such as basic design or special projects to receive guidance in the photography lab, while their final submission will be presented as part of an exhibition in the photo lab gallery.

Management and registration procedures

  • Each student is entitled to book a photography session once a month.
  • The appointment will be made manually at the lab during opening hours.
  • Photography sessions take place from Sunday through Thursday, between 08:30 and 13:30 (08:30, 09:30, etc.)
  • If you wish to cancel please inform in advance.
  • A non-notification will result in the cancellation of the registration option for the following month.
  • Full name, year, and a mobile phone number must be registered.
  • It is forbidden to delete another student’s registration under any circumstance (in digital photography, you must bring the media files to be copied – on CD or disc-on-key).

For a detailed explanation of the registration procedure for a photo lab session, click here.

Location and opening hours

The lab is located at level 1, room 108.

Phone no.: 8294014