Faculty – A word from the Dean

Design and planning are a constant presence in all aspects of our daily lives, whether we notice it or not. Studies and research at the Technion’s Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning are aimed at exposing and exploring these aspects, and then harnessing the resulting knowledge for human development and improved quality of life.

The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning synergistically integrates teaching and research in four tracks: industrial design; architecture; landscape architecture; and town planning.

The Faculty’s uniqueness stems from its use of social and historical insights as an inspiration for teaching and research that both employs and creates groundbreaking technologies and design innovations. The fruitful research environment is based on sophisticated teaching and research laboratories such as visualization, robotics and computer-based production, and on the daily interface between advanced research and the education and training of designers, architects and planners. These synergies enable the faculty to establish a clear position regarding the local and global challenges its graduates will face in the near future.

In recent years, we have refreshed our curricula in all tracks, placing an emphasis on the interface between practice and industry, while preparing our graduates to deal with dynamic work environments and interdisciplinary cooperation, as well as heightened international exposure based on the global renown of the Technion and its affiliates in New York and China.

To actively advance our agenda, we make a great effort to recruit outstanding faculty and students into the Technion family and the Faculty. Together, we intend to go on leading the research and training of design and the design professions and thus to contribute to sustainable human development and the well-being of Israel and the world.

Yasha Grobman

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning