מבט ישן על בניין ישן של פקולטה לארכיטקטורה

The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning was founded in 1924, when the Technion opened its doors for the first time, and to this day it serves as a unique framework for the professional training of architects, landscape architects, regional and urban planners, and industrial designers and researchers in these fields.

Today, the following subjects are taught in the faculty: Architecture and Landscape Architecture – undergraduate studies; Architecture and Town Planning, Regional and Urban and Planning, and Industrial Design – graduate studies. With about 850 students enrolled in the faculty at any point (350 of them in graduate studies), the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning is a prestigious and unique institute of higher education and for the training of architects, landscape architects, and regional and urban planners in Israel.

The faculty has always maintained a very high level of academic studies and research, and professional training. The faculty’s mission is to train professionals who, while possessing technological and creative skills, will also be highly aware of the value of culture, the environment and the needs of society. Therefore, the curriculum emphasizes not only the architectural aspects of architecture and landscape architecture, but also the environmental, social, cultural, economic, psychological and legal aspects of human intervention in the physical environment.