Computer Laboratory

students seating in front of they computers

General Information:

The computer lab of the faculty serves all the students from all the study tracks – undergraduates and graduate students – as well as the staff. The equipment and programming available in the lab enable 3D simulation, computer mapping, and research on lighting, climate and energy.

The lab has 2 classrooms with individual computers, scanning stations, black and white and colors printing stations (A3 and A4), a PLUTO printing room, and a video editing station that allows all users to digitally edit films they produced on their own on the computer or recorded on camera, or films from standard video tapes.

Click here for the software currently installed in the lab computers, in addition to the Office package.

The lab is always open except for holidays and special occasions (for which hours of activity will be published). The entrance to the lab is with the student card.

Computer lab manager:

Doron Tzur.


For the lab’s homepage, click here.

For a document presenting the computer services in the faculty to the new teaching staff, employees and students, click here.

New! Profile, personal username and password for every student in the computer lab.

During the semester a number of changes were made to the computer lab of the faculty. The most significant changes include the possibility of signing into the computers by using a unique user name and password for each student. This way, each student will be able to sit on any computer on the lab and his profile will move along with him (screensaver, desktop icons, etc.).

In this link, you can find answers to frequently asked questions and solutions to personal sign-in issues, as well as details and instructions regarding signing in using your personal username and password.

In this link you can find instructions for connecting to shared drives that contain image files and maps.

In this link you can find instructions for connecting to the computer lab’s printers.

PLUTO printing room

For assistance and information regarding opening hours, costs, formats, etc., please log in to the site by clicking here.

Wireless network at the Technion

The Technion network is currently designed for surfing the Internet – there is no connection to faculty computers. This link contains information about connecting to the Technion network from laptops and smartphones.


In this link you can find information about the e-mail available on the Technion servers.