We thank you for your interest in studies at the Technion’s Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion is a unique framework that combines the professional training of architects, landscape architects, urban and regional planners and industrial designers with advanced research and training of researchers in these areas. The following subjects are currently taught in the faculty:

Undergraduate studies – Architecture and landscape architecture

Graduate Studies – Architecture and Urban Planning, Urban and Regional Planning and Industrial Design

The students accepted into the faculty have the highest admission data in Israel. We aim to train professionals who, while possessing technological and creative skills, will also be highly aware of the value culture, of the environment and of the needs of society. Therefore, the curriculum emphasizes not only the design aspects of architecture, landscape architecture and urban and regional planning, but also the environmental, social, cultural, economic, psychological and legal aspects of human intervention in the physical environment.

Unique to Israel, teaching in the faculty is based on the integration of academic faculty members who are internationally renowned researchers in many areas, together with renowned architects from the architectural practice in Israel. This combination has enabled and still enables us to train generations of professionals and researchers who lead the various disciplines in Israel.

The Faculty of Architecture promotes the acquisition and creation of knowledge using the many resources offered by the Technion by enabling students to take courses that complete and expand their knowledge in a variety of areas, in other Technion faculties. In addition, as part of the Technion, the faculty promotes research collaborations with various internationally renowned researchers, as part of an interdisciplinary approach to promoting and developing science and technology.

Studying in the Faculty of

Architecture and Town Planning

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Undergraduate Studies

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Graduate Studies